By Connie Hack — Your bedroom is your personal space in the house, so why not feel fancy? Luxury bedroom ideas are sure to give you the glam factor. Luxury bedrooms are a popular interior design, but some people can shy away from the idea because it seems too expensive. You can create a luxurious vibe without a luxury price tag – as long as it is done correctly. When you imagine a luxury hotel room, that is the aesthetic appeal you will want to achieve with luxury bedrooms.
By Connie Hack — Emma NextGen is on a different level from many hybrid mattresses in a box. There's less foam and more springs! This may be one of my favourite mattresses ever?! Let me tell you why I’m ready to immediately swap out my old mattress at home for this one! At The Sleep Advisors, we're going to give you our rundown of the hybrid mattress and tell you about the upgrade from the Emma Premium Mattress.
By Connie Hack — We've had 10 years of Harry Styles and we are still Falling for him tbh. After being put in a group with One Direction, formed on The X Factor, Directioners were devastated in 2016 when they went on a 'hiatus'... that's still going on. On the plus side, we've seen Harry take on a solo career and it appears he well and truly expresses himself through his appearance - cutting his ponytail appeared to be the beginning of the new era.
By Connie Hack — Serious about skincare? Then you may have already experienced skin steaming in-salon, an age-old cleansing technique used during a facial to remove debris and make extraction easier. But what about at-home? Thankfully, there are myriad facial steamers out there that can do the job (nearly) as well from the comfort of your sofa. So, how exactly do facial steamers work? The science is simple – they heat up distilled water to produce steam that opens up your pores.
By Connie Hack
closer — It is coming up 10 years since the couple got engaged and there's rumours that Giovanna Fletcher's husband, Tom Fletcher, is planning a surprise vow renewal. Their relationship has been like a real life fairytale and its captured our hearts from the very start. So in honour of their epic romance, we've taken a look at Tom and Giovanna's relationship. From their very first meeting at school and Tom's viral wedding speech to the arrival of their three children...
By Connie Hack — Ahh 2001 was a great year. Remember when you would come back from school, sit in front of the TV to watch Lizzie Mcguire or Malcolm in the Middle? The year the first ever iPod was released from Apple and Microsoft created the first ever Xbox. And if that wasn't enough, we were introduced to Shrek and Monsters Inc - childhood classics. Feel old yet? Well, our best bit of the year was the music that was released. There are songs from 2001 that you just cannot beat - from Destiny's Child to S Club 7.
By Connie Hack, Georgia Aspinall — Everything you need to know about Covid vaccine and kids... by Connie Hack and Georgia Aspinall | Posted on12 04 2021Near 40million people in the UK have received the coronavirus vaccine today, with the government still set on its target to give all UK adults their first dose by 31 July. As roll outs continue and the age people are eligible for their vaccine, the focus is slowly turning to whether children will or can be vaccinated.
By Connie Hack — Former Love Islander, and now influencer, Zara McDermott always shares with her followers her latest outfits, skincare, haircare and makeup products. Zara recently took to her Instagram stories to update us all on her makeup routine and a step-by-step of the products she has been using - and loving. We were surprised to see her go-to foundation for a glowy look was a classic that we've all used, but we are definitely not surprised that she is also obsessed with it.

By Connie Hack — Busted. The boyband of our childhood, the soundtrack to our school discos, the reason we thought wearing shirts with the top button undone and ties loosely hanging around our necks was in fashion. Well, that’s what we went to school for... Now, if like us you’re feeling all sorts of nostalgic and thinking What Happened to Your Band? (get it?), then we thought we’d updated you on what Matt Willis, Charlie Simpson and James Bourne are doing with their careers now. You’re welcome.
By Connie Hack — A combination of loungewear and a jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for all occasions right now - from working from home, going to do the weekly shop or just for lounging around the house. The jumpsuit is the best choice of outfit when you don't want to spend time co-ordinating your clothes, and you can just pick out an all-in-one.
There’s a style of jumpsuit for everyone, from wide leg, to long sleeve, to short sleeves, to zip up.

Simple. Comfy. Stylish.
By Connie Hack — We've all tried different shampoos and conditioners to help us when it comes to damaged hair. We've also tried to reduce how much heat we use to style our hair, from drying to straightening to curling. However, a microfiber hair towel could be what you need to improve the health and appearance of your hair. Sometimes it can seem easier to chuck your hair in a DIY towel turban after your shower, but it can cause damaged from pulling and tugging at your roots. Why do it yourself when there are towels made to do it for you? Microfiber hair towels are actually less effort, and will better the condition of your hair.
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