Part 1
" unceasing flow of strangeness that accumulates and opposes. The strangeness of my new identity has touched me deeply." - Luna Coppola
Part 1 shows the reality of living with an illness and capture the limitations that another person may not think about, as majority of people would not be affected by it. My photographs reinforce this as I have chosen to focus on certain aspects and the everyday objects that create these restrictions. I have captured my own viewpoint on the boundaries the individual feel they face with having their illness.
Part 2
"In an obsessive fashion, I began to register images of the rooms of the house, as well as her personal effects, of the traces she had left behind." - Beatriz Ruibal
In Part 2 I wanted to show the presence of absence, and the feelings it creates such as emptiness and sadness. I have chosen to focus on certain objects that create these emotions, and also allow others to feel a sense of connection.
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